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Tyra Banks is a well known talk show host. She’s got interviewed many celebrities from various industries. She has also been an international superstar model. Always establishing new revenue streams, she’s got released a makeup line of her. Her self titled comprise has become available all across America and the world most importantly.

Tyra Banks Beyond Basic Starter Kit

Her constitute line contains Lip Model Lip Color, Cheek In A Stick, Light in the Stick and Sculpt in the Stick. She also released the What Lipstick? And Lip Color Lip Gloss in their own cosmetics line. Together with these, she has an Oops Liner and Corrector, Smack my Fat Lash Mascara, Suede and Juicy Lip Duo along with Eyes in the Stick.

The Lip Model Lip Color lip stick has very vivid color. Its content has glitter. Therefore, the lip gloss is shiny all day. Once you put it on on, it can be soft and comfortably for the lips. Therefore, if you love glitter, this is actually the ideal lip stick for you personally. The What Lipstick? Lip Color is really a soft lip stick. You can get it in two variants. An example may be named Ask For a Raise. It has a warm brown color which has a tinge of red inside it. You can also get this lip stick from the Younger Man variant. The latter keeps your lips int heir natural color, just appealing.

It really is smooth as you apply it. With time, it develops a matte texture about it. You can get this awesome designer lip stick for $28. Another exciting item in their align is the Suede And Juicy Lip Duo. This lip stick has a dual stick ability. The back and front tips are generally lip gloss ends. One applies glossy lip gloss as the other applies matte lip stick.

The matte end is equipped with a tip applicator made
beyond basic Starter Kits